What We Do

We help investors and philanthropists assess, design and build strategies for success.

And we help organizations retool, rethink and reinvent their strategies and approaches to social impact.

We find ourselves going back to the following steps across all our areas of engagement to deliver the best possible results.

1.  Vision and Purpose

Authentic purpose is the key to engaging and retaining attention in today’s noisy landscape.  If you know where you are headed, then design, communication and resource decisions will line up for success.

2.  Contextual Mapping

Mapping complex and fluid ecosystems means using multiple lenses to see the opportunities and challenges ahead.  These lenses cover the gamut from demographic trends to competitors, partners, economics and politics.

3.  Strategy Formation

Strategy formation is a living process.  In the most basic sense, a strategy is a plan of action that is sustainable, achievable and inspirational.  It includes a number of elements including design, staffing, financials, messaging, partnering and launching.   The best strategies reach for innovation while staying true to the limits of one’s environment and resources.

4.  Review and Assessment

Evaluating and assessing, early and often, serves as an opportunity to pause and re-balance.  It is a break in the action.  Without building evaluation and assessment into your process, you will lose the capacity for learning that comes from insight and reflection.