The Compassion Project

The client, ExploreFaith, approached with an interest in creating an on-line experience that would reflect the powerful teachings of contemporary spiritual teachers from all traditions.  This initial challenge was reframed into a new question.  What is the intervention that we can design today that in fifty years will have made a powerful contribution to global understanding and community, support our shifting relationship to religion and leverage the power of highly collaborative communications technologies?   The answer came in the form of a project model that was designed specifically to leverage the web as a channel and within that mode communicate the three most significant aspects of what makes our spiritual elders exemplars of global compassion and community. The project was founded on the belief that our elders are men and women who are distinguished by their capacity to cultivate their wisdom through their faith and then use this wisdom in service of social good.    The compassion necessary to live this every day comes from the practice of their faith and the expression of it in the world.  If we are to simplify this insight into three areas, we can frame this capacity as wisdom (learning/teaching), reflection (spiritual practice) and action (making positive change).   The way in which our elders activate knowledge, wisdom and practice — or head, heart and hand — served as the basic architecture for the project.

You may see an overview of the project model here —  The Compassion Project.