The Haas, Jr. Fund Flexible Leadership Awards

The client, the Haas, Jr Fund in San Francisco, elected to award a handful of their long-term grantees with an additional grant to develop their organizational  leadership capacity.  Working in close collaboration with the senior program officer overseeing leadership development grants for the Fund, a model was developed that would deliver the grants along with the necessary technical assistance to utilize the funds for maximum impact.

One of the great challenges of leadership work is determining the optimal intervention.  We all have blind spots around where our areas of greatest need lie.  These blind spots become even more complex and challenging in the context of a busy and engaged senior team in a non-profit driving hard toward social outcomes.  In this context, we elected to design a process that began with matching each organization to a leadership coach who would begin the grant process with an organizational evaluation.  This evaluation would then be shaped into a grant proposal, outlining the optimal resources necessary for each organization.  Resources ranged from personal coaching to strategic planning and board development.  The Fund wisely defined the scope of assistance broadly and committed to a three year process for each organization.

Once the program design phase was complete, we embarked on a process of interviewing and identifying a wide range of consultants and organizational resources that could be matched to individual organizational needs.  The process of sourcing and matching in a highly collaborative and thoughtful manner was a key element of success.  Careful grant review and evaluation at the end of each year fed into the development of subsequent leadership plans.

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