Every organization  functions best when it has both a deep passion about vision and mission and an ability and willingness to be sensitive to external conditions.  It must translate mission into things that the world knows how to value right now.

David Schmittlein, Dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management

Another business visionary we admire, Peter Drucker, once said that businesses do two things — innovate and market.  We would say that is what any organization does.  They begin with a vision and a strategy and then bring it to market.  They also need to add in great leadership and evaluation to keep the enterprise on track.  These are our primary areas of focus.

1 — Strategy Development

We help you reach a crisp articulation of what you are doing and the core values that are driving it.  We can assess and interpret the context in which you will be operating.  We will detail a strategic plan that offers a clear path to the achievement of your vision.

2 — Marketing and Communications

Understanding your audience and how to best reach them is critical.  What is your brand?  How do you shape it?  How can you craft messages that support your goals?  We  build marketing and communications strategies and plans that leverage your resources and strengthen your capacity to succeed.

3 —  Assessment and Leadership

Reaching goals in the real world requires that purpose, processes and people all work in harmony.  This is hard work.   Assessment serves as a mirror that can reflect where the imbalances are. Leadership work offers a tool set that can help bring things back into alignment.  Together, these services can make a real difference.