For Investors

We are witnessing massive and unprecedented global transformations in the way people live and work.  We are watching as the nature of politics and power expands and contracts in new ways.  We are seeing a world where traditional social structures are being disintermediated faster than we imagined.  And we are seeing people the world over adopt technologies to new uses in ways that push the limits of systems and societies.

In this swirl of change, new problems are emerging.  And new solutions will be developed to solve them.  Making good choices about the winning solutions is where we can help.

We have many years of experience designing and implementing solutions – both programmatic and technical – for the non-profit and for-profit worlds.   Working at the intersection of the public and private sectors has led us to believe that the distinction is increasingly irrelevant.  What is relevant is understanding the social and technical context of the project and mapping design choices and strategies that are practical and add real value to the communities they serve.

We can help research, analyze and design achievable solutions.  And we can help extend existing solutions into purposeful implementations that will be more attractive to specific communities or solve new problems.

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