For Organizations

Foundations.  Social entrepreneurs.  Nonprofits.  Startups.  We have helped all of these solve hard problems, refine strategies and design programs and solutions that help them achieve their goals.

Our approach is practical, based on current research and observation, and grounded in many years of experience.  Our approach is also inspired.  We share real passion with our clients for shepherding innovative new ideas into being and we pride ourselves on not losing sight of the bigger picture in the midst of the details.

We strive to identify the key barriers that will derail the best thinking inside a project or organization.  Sometimes the goals are too ambitious.  Sometimes they are not ambitious enough.  Most often, the challenges are with people.  Leadership, team building, retreat design and planning – all of these organizational development tools are in our kit and we reach for them often.

We are particularly adept at designing new programs and systems that bring good ideas into the world.  We founded the Rockwood Leadership Institute, a leading nonprofit dedicated to leadership training for nonprofit leaders.  We designed and launched the Computerworld Honors Program, the first award to honor those using technology to create positive social impact.  And we worked closely with the Haas Jr. Foundation on the design and implementation of its groundbreaking Flexible Leadership Awards program.

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