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One of the great frustrations of networked culture is how hard it is to find exactly what you are looking for in the scads of useless information that fills the web.  I always have the lingering sense that there is a vacation, a flight, a pair of pants or an article out there that I […]

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The new Pew study out this week, Social networking sites and our lives, paints a very rosy picture of social networking (SNS).  SNS is associated with more trust, larger networks, more political engagement and greater social support.  Key findings from the study include: ♦  Facebook is the clear winner in the world of SNS.  59% […]


Diversity and Social Media: Helping or Hurting?

by JenniferCobb on 02/13/2011

There is a small controversy raging about whether social media use is creating more diverse networks or exacerbating an existing trend toward smaller, more homogenous social groups.  This question matters.  A lot.   Robert Putnam (of Bowling Alone fame), following a lineage that dates back to de Tocqueville, argues that engagement with diverse social networks fosters […]