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The Innovation Paradox: Our Hopes and Fears

by JenniferCobb on 04/13/2011

Innovation is the lifeblood not only of much of our economic and personal well-being, but of our forward motion as a species.  Our capacity to grow and change is what makes us adaptive, what enables us to survive and thrive on a planet that is not always hospitable to our needs.  The human drive to […]


Online Privacy: We are Far From Ready

by JenniferCobb on 03/25/2011

“People aren’t ready for the technology revolution that’s going to happen to them.” Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google Did you know that when you visit a page with a Facebook “like” button while you are logged into Facebook, the social network is able to track your browsing history?  I have to admit, this one took me […]


Cardinal Rules for Selling Change

by JenniferCobb on 10/29/2010

I was fortunate to attend an inspirational day at Fort Mason yesterday, celebrating the 10th anniversary of E2, Environmental Entrepreneurs.  E2, the independent business voice for the environment, was founded by Nicole Lederer and the remarkable Bob Epstein, a tireless and visionary change maker. Bob was a founder of Sybase and subsequently a number of […]