shared value

In a few short decades, too much information has become a fact of life.  We are all drowning in it.  How we sift, filter and navigate the massive sea of information has emerged as a profound personal, political and cultural issue. This past year, Eli Pariser, in his book The Filter Bubble, picked up on […]


The saying that “everything that is old is new again” has particular resonance as we stand in the midst of historic political gridlock and renewed economic shocks.   It feels like we are re-entering a pre-Enlightenment land of superstition and orthodoxy, a land where we have no appetite for civil dialogue and debate.  This is the […]

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Michael Porter and Mark Kramer’s article, Creating Shared Value, is intended to throw down a gauntlet for a more a socially-conscious form of capitalism.  “Capitalism is under siege” they proclaim, harmed by decades of practices and policies focused on short-term profits.  Guided by laissez-faire economic ideology, businesses have elected to ignore externalities that harm society, […]


Monetizing Berkeley

by JenniferCobb on 01/25/2011

Last night Berkeleyside, Berkeley’s independent local news site, hosted its first Berkeley Business Forum.  Why?   Berkeley has for years presented a conundrum.  We are home to one of the leading research institutions in the world and yet have not spawned our version of Silicon Valley, the Research Triangle, Kendall Square.  Why do all the good […]